VISO by Bhumie Knit Fab

Leading Indian sourcing agents and manufacturers of White Labeled Garments. Manufacturers of Women Garments and Accessories.

Website Platform : Shopify
Services Offered : UX/UI, Website Design & Development, eCommerce Channels
Digital Marketing :  SEO, SEM, SMM, Channel MAnagement

Viso The Face 1

The Challenge

Clients existing website was designed in an unorganised categorisation of products and design needed lot of improvement. 

Let’s break down the problems you mentioned and discuss possible solutions:

Lack of Branding: The website failed to communicate the uniqueness of the brand. To address this, the company should focus on incorporating their brand identity into the website design. This can be achieved through consistent use of colors, fonts, and visual elements that reflect their brand image. Additionally, the content should convey the brand’s values, mission, and what sets them apart from competitors.

Unclear Product Categorisation: All products were listed but not organised for fonts, variants, categories, improper photo resolution and dimensions, etc. 


By addressing these issues and focusing on enhancing the website’s branding, performance, and organising product categorization, the website can improve its overall user experience, engage potential customers, and increase conversions. Regular monitoring and analysis of website analytics can provide valuable insights to further refine and optimize the website’s performance and conversion rates.

We re-designed a existing website with corporate profile and cataloged all products with professional photography done for all products so that it can be showcased to International audience. Digital Marketing strategies are planned and ongoing activity for branding and lead generation and started promoting the website through various channels. 


The successful design and development of website resulted in a visually captivating and user-friendly platform that met the client’s objectives.